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About Us

With 10+ Years of experience specializing in boats and related marine equipment.

All Lucky-Murphy products are built with 5083 high-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy and precision welded for maximum durability and protection for your best boating experience.


In Lucky Murphy, we believe three core principles: Quality, Practicality, and Priceworthy.

Our product lineup includes a variety from 19 -78 ft luxury yachts, transport boats, and workboats boats, to under 8-19 ft fishing boats, RIB boats, and dinghies; all can be customized and designed for your application of choice.


In the past decade, Lucky-Murphy has been consistently empowering boating businesses, retailers, and private owners around the world to get the most out of their boating experience at a competitive price. We aimed to bring customed boating experience more accessible for our clients. With recommendations from more than 150+ customers from North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and European coastal countries, it is evident that Lucky-Murphy is one of the best options in the market for your purchase!



Remark: Lucky Murphy Boat Co.,Ltd is set for exploring international market of our boat products made by our own factory named as Weihai Multiforce Outdoor Products Company Limited.LIANGWEI is our brand in China and a former name of our factory.

Company Vision