Reasons for the popularity of aluminum boats


Aluminum boats are one of the more typical types of yachts. Obviously, aluminum alloy speedboats are also very popular.

The weight of the aluminum boat is much lighter than that of the glass fiber reinforced plastic hull and the steel hull, and the strength is very good, which will not affect the net load of the hull. The reduction of the hull weight has greatly improved the speed and fuel economy of the aluminum alloy speedboat.

Aluminum boats have good practicability and have a very long life. Ship inspection stipulates that the service life of aluminum alloy speedboats is 30 years.

The impact resistance of aluminum boats is stronger than that of FRP boats and steel boats. This will become more and more obvious as the service life of the aluminum alloy speedboat increases. Aluminum alloy materials have great advantages in impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum boats are easy to weld, and can be customized according to customer requirements, with more diverse styles to choose from.

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