The Construction Process of Painting Aluminum Boats


The Construction Process of Painting Aluminum Boats


I.surface treatment
Aluminum is a very characteristic metal. When it is oxidized by air, a dense layer of alumina is formed on the surface. This film has excellent corrosion resistance. Unlike steel, which can be corroded forever. So the paint on the aluminum alloy is only decorative. But ordinary paint is difficult to adhere to aluminum alloy. The surface of the aluminum alloy must be treated before the paint layer can be sprayed. 

Aluminum alloy surface treatment There are several main ways: one: to change the nature of the aluminum alloy surface, you can use phosphate liquid for surface treatment of aluminum alloy. After the reaction with aluminum alloy, the aluminum phosphide film which is easy to attach to the paint is formed. Later, the paint can be easily applied. The second: use a special aluminum alloy primer, such as Haijian brand epoxy zinc yellow thick coat primer, Shanghai International epoxy zinc yellow primer, etc., and then you can use two-component polyurethane paint.

II.Coating process
1. Construction environment: painting environment temperature 5-35℃, relative humidity below 85%, substrate surface temperature greater than 3℃ dew point above, temperature and humidity should be measured near the substrate. When the substrate temperature is higher than 40 degrees centigrade, construction is not recommended. Do not meet the painting conditions can not be painted. 
2. Surface treatment: First use lye and diluent to remove oil and other stolen goods attached to the surface of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Aluminum alloy yacht using power tools or sandblasting method to remove the surface oxide layer, exposing the metal color and luster and a certain roughness, the treated surface is not allowed to exist dust, oil, water and other dirt, surface treatment to meet the coating requirements, must be painted within 4 hours a primer. 
3.Mixing paint: the above paints are two-component paint, weighing each component before use, according to the specified proportion, the amount depends on the situation. The general dilution is 5-10%. Note that each paint should be used according to the amount of the day, to avoid waste. 
4. the use of manual rolling coating or brush coating, airless spraying and other construction methods, coating interval: about 12 hours after the completion of an epoxy zinc yellow thick coating primer (23 degrees Celsius), that is, work, continue to scratch the putty, putty dry and polished dust, can continue to paint the middle paint, at 23 degrees Celsius, about 12 hours later, continue to paint the aliphatic polyurethane top paint. When the temperature is high, the coating interval can be shortened appropriately. 
5. After the completion of each coating construction, there should be no obvious flow hanging, pinhole, shrinkage hole, orange peel and other phenomena on the surface. The longest construction interval between the two paint construction should not exceed 15 days, and the next paint construction should check whether the paint film has dust, oil, etc. The parts of missing coating locally and film thickness not enough should be re-coated.

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