Engine Maintenance of Aluminum Boat


Engine Maintenance of Aluminum Boat


Oil and water temperature are critical to an engine. Oil is the blood of the yacht, water is like the water in the human body, whether the temperature of the water is appropriate directly affects the work of the engine, the quality of the oil also directly affects the lubrication degree in the engine. 

The engine must be regularly tested and replaced with water and oil. If the engine does not change the oil regularly, you will find that many of them are thick and greasy like tar after opening the engine. Greasy is due to the deterioration and oxidation of oil products caused by frequent oil change, or the quality of oil products is not up to standard. The anti-oxidant is added too little, resulting in greasy adhesion to the engine, forming a "oil calcium", causing serious wear and tear of the engine, and the loss of lubrication of the engine is easy to "bite" causing the yacht to anchor. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of the engine is carried out in accordance with the hours specified by the manufacturer.

The engine of the aluminum boat is checked regularly 
Check the oil level in the engine regularly. 
Check coolant status regularly. 
Check the fan belt regularly. 
Check the seawater filter every 25 hours while running. 
Check the lubrication level of nozzle and steering oil cup. 
The time to change the engine gasoline filter is 20 hours after starting, and every 200 hours thereafter. 
Change the oil in the engine every 100 hours. 
Change the gear oil every 200 hours. 
Change the air filter every 200 hours. 
The fuel filter is replaced annually. 
Keep oil clean, water clean, air clean and body clean. The use of lubricating oil with excellent cleaning and dispersion performance and the regular use of gasoline cleaning agent to clean the engine nozzle inlet valve and combustion chamber are the first conditions to extend the life of the engine. 
The above content is to explain to you in detail about the maintenance of the aluminum alloy boat engine, I believe that everyone has further learning and understanding, if you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to us.

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