The backgroud story of delivering rigid inflatable boats


Three new grey rigid inflatable boats delivered to our dealer today, which have been already the 33th delivery of the rigid inflatable boats this month.These rigid inflatable boats are recognized and praised by our partner.


In order to let you know more about rigid inflatable boats , please allow me to introduce our factory again today.

As you know,China is rich in aluminum material and has a complete production line of aluminum plate,so we have competitive advantage in the world market.

China has started to weld aluminum boats since 1990s ,so we have quantity of technique workers to ensure the quality of the rigid inflatable boat products,especially in Weihai City, a beautiful seaside city in North China.Our factory is also located in Weihai City for many years and has developed to be one of the leading factory in the aluminum boat industry in this area.Please refer to the below pictures at our factory.


Secondly, we have been producing rigid inflatable boats for over 10 years, and our rigid inflatable boats have been well received by customers for their safety,stability and fair prices.

Thirdly, Lucky Murphy possesses dedicated boat-building team.Our technical team is studying the application of new electric propulsion drives on our aluminum rigid inflatable boats, so as to bring users a better water driving experience.

The new generation electric boat is coming in the near future. 

I am sure we will be one of your best business partners in China to boost your boating life.